BookItNow B2B Terms and Conditions for Booking Online or Offline.

Effective from January 2021 and Updated August 2022

These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) governs the use of the website (“Service”). The Terms “BookItNow B2B”, “We”, “Us”, “Our” refer to BOOKITNOW PTE. LTD.

THESE TERMS CONSTITUTE A LEGAL AGREEMENT. By your use of the Service, you agree to comply with all the terms and conditions set out herein, as amended periodically. BookItNow B2B may terminate your account at any time, with or without notice, for conduct that is in breach of these Terms, for conduct that we believe is harmful to our business, or for conduct where the use of the Service is harmful to any other party.

In our sole discretion, we may change or modify these Terms at any time, with or without notice. You are responsible for reading this document from time to time to ensure that your Service’s use remains in compliance with these Terms.

These Terms and Conditions and any additional terms posted on (“Site”) together constitute the basis of the relationship between BookItNow B2B and You (“Client”) concerning your use of this Site.

Booking Procedures for Hotels & Apartments

  1. Bookings are subject to availability at the time of the request.
  2. Our System is a F.I.T. (Free Individual Traveler) Reservation system which allows a maximum of 8 Rooms or 48 Passengers to be booked at one time. However, any activity with more than three rooms or 9 Passengers booked for the “same date of travel & same hotel of stay” combination is handled as per “group terms & conditions”. In such cases, we have the rights to cancel any confirmed or vouchered reservation(s) without any prior intimation. You are requested to contact our client support office in group or reservation with more than three room requirements.
  3. During fair periods or specific events, the maximum number of passengers’ rule does not apply. The hotel has the right to cancel, modify rates and booking conditions after the confirmation.
  4. You must give accurate information for all passengers when placing a booking with BookItNow B2B. If you do not book with the correct names, we reserve the right to cancel the booking or impose no show/cancellation on behalf of the hotel.
  5. BookItNow B2B cannot guarantee the room’s actual bedding type or any special requests, such as a non-smoking room. We can forward such requests to the hotel, but it will be subject to availability at the time of arrival.
  6. The hotel star rating mentioned in our System is the one provided by the hotel itself, and it is possible to change at any time. We will ensure that the star rating is correct, but it is up to you to make sure the information is accurate as we cannot be held responsible.


  1. For each Service booked and confirmed, you will be provided with a cancellation or amendment deadline along with any cancellation charges that will apply if cancelled or amended after the Deadline. To avoid cancellation or amendment penalties, such confirmed travel should be cancelled or amended before the date and time specified in the cancellation and amendment deadline. Bookings cancelled or amended after the cancellation and amendment deadline, and before the check-in date, the cancellation or amendment charges will be automatically invoiced.
  2. You or your customer are not allowed to cancel or amend directly with the hotel. Any cancellations or amendments made directly with the hotel are not considered valid. It would be best to make all the cancellations or amendments or early check-outs with us directly, either via email or in our System.
  3. No Show by the Guest at the accommodation establishment without prior warning shall be considered as a cancellation. There shall be no refunds applicable in the case of no shows.

Rates and Currency

  1. Unless otherwise specified all rates quoted are B2B (Wholesale rates) valid for F.I.T. leisure, business only.
  2. They are net and non-commissionable, including all taxes and service charges except any city taxes, resort fee or other costs directly payable at the hotel by the guests.
  3. You must pay the invoices in the same currency as they are raised. In case You are desirous of settling invoices in a different currency, we may allow so only at our discretion at an exchange rate determined by Us.
  4. We will cancel any booking for which a mistaken rate has been circulated through the System by any means or can be cancelled under any circumstances. As obviously wrong, the inserted rate can be considered any reasonable rate person would not think.
  5. You shall not at any point of time display, disclose or otherwise communicate publish or promote/distribute/share our Rates or Inventory directly or indirectly to any B2C channel. For the purposes of this clause “Inventory” shall mean and include all our products and services as listed on its System. “Rates” shall mean and have the individual pricing of each Inventory item, as available and mentioned on the System. B2C channel means directly available to end consumer (traveller) on an online platform.
  6. All the prices displayed on our website are strictly confidential and must not be disclosed or used in negotiations with a hotel/supplier or third party.

No Liability for Onward sales

  1. Our contract for the sale of travel components is with You—a Guest purchasing travel services contracts with You and not Us. The Onward Sale of travel components is your responsibility. We do not accept any liability for Onward Sales to a guest, nor do we accept liability for anything which may go wrong with a travel service. The classification of all accommodation is provided to us by the Supplier of the accommodation. We are not responsible or liable for any errata or inaccurate information provided to us by the Supplier including but not limited to images, descriptions, amenities/facilities, tariffs, reviews, and any other information that the Supplier uses to promote and market its properties.
  2. We are not responsible or liable for any dispute between You and a guest arising from the Onward Sale of a travel service by You to a guest. If any claim is made against us following an Onward Sale by You, then You shall indemnify Us against all losses, fees, expenses, and costs arising because of that claim.


  1. We accept all major debit and credit cards from customers in every country.
  2. As a prepayment/credit card client, payment must be made BEFORE the cancellation deadline. If you intend to pay by bank transfer, then money must be in our account BEFORE the cancellation deadline. If the money has not been received in our bank account by 15:00hrs Singapore time, the online booking system will automatically cancel the booking.
  3. All bank charges and cost of transmitting payment must be borne by you, including intermediary bank charges where applied. We will only cover expenses incurred by OUR bank.

Credit Card Chargeback

  1. You may use your company credit card or Guest’s credit card for bookings. A guest’s credit card must only be used to pay for bookings of the same Guest. You are solely responsible for ensuring that a genuine credit card is used for paying for bookings. You take full liability for any losses or damages arising out the use of fake or stolen credit cards or from any chargeback.


  1. The refund shall be made to the original instrument used at the time of booking. If BookItNow B2B cannot refund the amount immediately, such amount shall lie as future available credit for the customer.

Client Nationality

  1. The nationality (as shown on the passport held) of the passenger must be entered at the booking time. The rates and hotels displayed at the time of search are then relevant to the passenger’s nationality. Any incorrect information provided by you at this time may result in the hotel not honoring the booking on arrival at the hotel or additional costs. We will not be held responsible for any incorrect information entered and any other expenses arising from this.

    Please note that on a rare occasion, the hotel may also enforce a residency restriction.

Online Portal

  1. When you apply to use our services, you will be provided with an Agent ID and will be required to select your password. The Agent ID and password are the means through which you access particular services (“Account”). You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to safeguard the Agent ID and password from unauthorized use. IN NO EVENT WILL BOOKITNOW B2B BE LIABLE FOR THE UNAUTHORIZED USE OR MISUSE OF YOUR AGENT ID OR PASSWORD.
  2. Any advance amount paid by You will be non-interest bearing and should be utilized within 360 days from the date of payment, during which time it shall be held in trust by us. If such advance is not used within this period of 360 days, the unutilized portion shall be deemed forfeited. It is Your responsibility to claim such amount from Us within such period of 360 days. We shall not be held liable/ be obligated to entertain any payment request after the same.
  3. Customers are responsible for maintaining accurate account information at all times, including credit card and contact information. This information can be updated in your account settings.


  1. In case of an emergency or if you or your passenger has a problem at the hotel/with a transfer then you or your passenger need to call us on +639772888679 (we are available 24/7).

Please note that we will NOT consider any complaint/refund if you do not call the above number.

In case of problems with our services whilst the passenger is in house/on the spot. Please make sure your client and passenger also have our emergency number. In case of disputes, should send the complaint to us in writing within 15 days of the check-out day and only if you or your passenger previously called OUR emergency phone at the time of the problem. After this Deadline, nothing else will be taken into consideration.

  1. If the client leaves the hotel before the check-out date, an invoice will be issued for the full stay, and if the hotel confirms a reduction, it will be our responsibility to give a credit note for the amount to refund. Before leaving the hotel, the client must ask for a written declaration stating the exact date in which the stay was terminated and the hotels’ stance on carrying out a refund. This document should be presented to us to get the refund for the unused nights.
  2. We do not take responsibility for the quality of the hotel booked. Any complaints relating to hotel facilities, standard or quality need to be brought to the hotel management’s attention at the time of stay at the hotel. This way, the hotel can be allowed to try and rectify the problem. If this has been done and the passenger has not received a satisfactory resolution to the issue, please contact us.
  3. If an offer or reduction has been made by the hotel where BookItNow B2B travel is required to resolve the issue later, the passenger will need to prove this in writing endorsed and signed by the hotel. For post-travel complaints, it may take up to 30 days for a resolution.

Force Majeure

  1. We regret that we cannot accept liability or pay any compensation where the performance of the System is disrupted, or our obligations under this agreement are prevented or affected by ‘Force Majeure.’
  2. Force Majeure means any event, which we or the Supplier of the Service, even with due care, could not foresee or avoid. Such events include, but are not limited to, war, the threat of war, civil strife, extreme weather conditions, natural or human made disaster (and all similar events outside of our control).


  1. We reserve the right to withdraw access to our product, whether via the online booking system, XML or white label, with immediate effect in the event of a breach of these terms and conditions.

Transfers & Activities

  1. Once a transfer or Activities booking is completed, we will provide a voucher with the reference number included. The voucher must be printed and presented as proof of reservation. The voucher will contain all the necessary information to reach the boarding/meeting point and will also include a contact telephone number for checking the booking and informing about contingencies.
  2. The destination and pick-up addresses on the voucher are the addresses where the passenger will be dropped off and picked up.
  3. We will issue a voucher for each booking completed on the website displaying the passenger’s journey details (as provided by you), Supplier’s details and the unique voucher number.
  4. It is your/your passenger’s responsibility to check the booking details on the voucher and inform us if there are any errors. Please make sure the correct hotel and flight details are entered. We will not be liable in the event the information is entered incorrectly. We will not assume any responsibility in omissions and typo errors, resulting in any interruption of the Service.
  5. Where possible and if notified by the Supplier we will contact you to advise if incorrect information has been provided on the booking so that you have the opportunity to amend these details. The cost of the booking may increase based on any amendments made.
  6. Booking amendments should be made on the website; please note that modifications will be subject to the Supplier booking conditions who may charge amendment fees. Where an airline amends the flight time or flight number can be amended without charge.
  7. When amending the hotel name, the hotel you amend must be within the same resort area. When changing to a hotel in a different resort, the booking must be cancelled and a new booking placed to the correct alternative. Cancellation charges may apply.
  8. Cancellations must be actioned online and may be subject to cancellation fees.
  9. It is your/your passenger’s responsibility to utilize all options available to confirm your resort pick up time. These options are located on your voucher. If you/your passenger fails to reconfirm the departure service, this may not be supplied. If you/your passenger have moved hotel whilst in resort to another hotel within the same area, the return pick up must be confirmed with the Supplier over the telephone only.
  10. Should the transfer not arrive for whatever reason and you/your passenger have followed the voucher’s procedure by calling the transfer provider. You/your passenger should ensure that you seek an alternative method(s) to get to the airport to mitigate your losses.
  11. When paying for alternative methods to get to the airport, please ensure that the passenger obtains a receipt(s). Please submit the receipt(s) to our Client Services Department on the passenger’s return home for investigation with the Supplier. There is no guarantee that this will be refunded. However, if the transfer provider is found to be at fault upon investigation, you/your passenger will be refunded the alternative transport cost. Please note that we cannot refund any fees without provision of a receipt.
  12. If the passenger’s arrival flight is diverted, delayed or cancelled we recommend that the passenger contacts the Supplier via the telephone numbers provided on the transfer voucher. Whilst every effort will be made to accommodate this nature’s changes, this may not always be possible and will depend on the Supplier’s operational demands. It may not always be viable for the driver to wait, and the passenger may have to make alternative travel plans at their own cost locally. If the Supplier can accommodate the new arrival time, an additional charge may be applied. In some destinations, it may not be possible for your transfer/shuttle to pick up and drop off at the hotel door and the passenger may be dropped off or picked up at a central point within reasonable walking distance from their hotel/apartment.
  13. Due to specific restrictions, including but not limited to, infrastructure work, traffic conditions the door to door pick up and drops off may not always be possible. The vehicle will stop and collect passengers from the nearest accessible point to the accommodation where these restrictions occur.
  14. Each passenger named on the written confirmation is entitled to carry with him, on the relevant transfer, one suitcase which should not exceed 90cmx75cm. Carriage of any baggage exceeding these measurements will be subject to available baggage hold space and may be declined. If a passenger requires baggage more than this allowance, must inform us at the time of the booking as the reservation may be rejected or extra fees might apply.
  15. Please note we will NOT CONSIDER any complaint/refund if you/your passenger do not call the number provided in the voucher in case of problems with our services.
  16. No reimbursement to the final consumer shall be made in the event of a ‘no-show’ without prior consultation and express authorization from us. We will inform you of charges payable which, may vary up to 100% of the booking.


    The parties hereby submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore for any claims or disputes.